Genetic healthcare does not start with a test, it starts with you.

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In Memoriam: Jon Wolff, MD

It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news that Dr. Jon Wolff passed away following a journey with esophageal cancer. Jon founded Genetic Support Foundation in 2012 and served as president and chairman of the board since that time. Recognizing a growing role of genetics in healthcare, he saw a need for a nonprofit organization that could provide information, counseling and support to people regarding genetics and their health.

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Genetic Counseling

A visit with a genetic counselor can be helpful to address your questions and concerns related to many types of health conditions. These include: genetic conditions, possibility of higher risk for cancer due to personal or family history, or genetic testing options during pregnancy. GSF’s team of certified and experienced genetic counselors can help you understand and address these and other concerns.

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My Genetic Trust

My Genetic Trust is your one-stop resource to safely gather your family’s genetic health information for yourself and for future generations. We’ll help you build a comprehensive summary of your family health history. Our encrypted, convenient online portal will keep your data safe and allow designated family members to access it for years to come.

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Patient Library

The field of genetics is very complex and constantly evolving, and it can be overwhelming to find a good resource. GSF has a Patient Library that provides more background information on a variety of topics in genetics, including a genetics overview (Genetics 101), Genetics & Pregnancy, and Genetics & Cancer, among others.

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