Your genetic healthcare deserves individualized attention.

Using the latest tools and research, GSF counselors are trained to help you navigate all aspects of genetics and health. Your appointment will give you a better understanding of the genetic, family, and personal issues involved with your concerns. We specialize in the following:  

  • Preconception counseling for individuals who are undergoing IVF or assisted reproductive technologies or who are concerned about their chance to have a baby with a genetic condition or birth defect.
  • Prenatal counseling for people who are considered genetic testing during their pregnancy, or individuals who have already had genetic testing and would like to discuss the results.
  • Pediatric and adult counseling for individuals and families that have questions about genetic test results, or that could use support while awaiting a formal evaluation by a medical geneticist.
  • Cancer counseling for individuals who have a personal and/or family history of cancer, have questions about genetic testing for hereditary cancer predisposition, or have had cancer genetic testing but would like to review the results with a specialist.
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) counseling for people who have had testing done with a company like 23andMe,, Gene by Gene, MyMedLab, MyHeritage, Color Genomics, etc, or third-party interpretation services such as Promethease or GEDmatch, and would like to talk more with a genetic counselor about results they got related to their health.

We strive to make genetic counseling services available to all who need them. Visit our ‘FAQs‘ page to learn more about billing and our patient assistance program.

Healthcare Providers and Hospital Administrators

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