Genetic healthcare does not start with a test, it starts with you.


We provide high-quality, reliable information that is patient-centered. To achieve this goal, we employ experienced genetic professionals who are able to explain the latest, best genetic information in an unbiased manner. Whether you're a patient, provider, or healthcare organization, we are committed to providing you with valuable genetic information that is relatable, relevant, and fact-based.


The field of medical genetics is relatively new and constantly changing, and genetic counselors are in short supply. We use people-friendly technology to expand the reach of genetic counseling services by helping counselors work more efficiently, effectively and compassionately. This has improved patient access to experienced and knowledgeable genetic counselors. We have also pioneered the development of groundbreaking educational materials to empower patients to make the best choices suited to their personal needs and values.


Genetic Support Foundation was started by medical genetics professionals with one goal: to provide the unbiased information you need to make decisions that are right for you. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping patients deal with medical genetic situations. Patient-centered dedication drives all the work we do.

While the field of genetics will continually change,
our motivations & goals never will.
We are Genetic Support Foundation.