Genetic healthcare does not start with a test, it starts with you.

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Genetic Counseling

A visit with a genetic counselor can be helpful to address your questions and concerns related to many types of health conditions. These include: genetic conditions, possibility of higher risk for cancer due to personal or family history, or genetic testing options during pregnancy. GSF’s team of certified and experienced genetic counselors can help you understand and address these and other concerns.

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Pregnancy & Genetics

Preconception counseling is available for those undergoing IVF or assisted reproductive technologies or who are concerned about their chance to have a baby with a genetic condition or birth defect. Prenatal counseling is available to discuss genetic testing during pregnancy, or for those who have already tested and would like to discuss results.

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Patient Library

The field of genetics is very complex and constantly evolving, and it can be overwhelming to find a good resource. GSF has a Patient Library that provides more background information on a variety of topics in genetics, including a genetics overview (Genetics 101), Genetics & Pregnancy, and Genetics & Cancer, among others.

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