Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

Have you had multiple miscarriages?

Are you planning a pregnancy but have a family history of a medical condition that you are concerned about?

Are you planning a pregnancy and have questions about what sort of genetic testing is available during pregnancy?

Are you considering assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), and want to know more about your genetic testing choices?

If you can relate to these questions, or have other questions related to genetic testing and pregnancy, then you may benefit from a Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation.

What can you expect from a Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation?

We are a team of certified and independent genetic counselors dedicated to helping people navigate their genetic health and provide up-to-date care recommendations. Our genetic counselors can:

  • Do a thorough medical and family history review
  • Help you explore and make decisions about your options for screening and diagnostic testing during a pregnancy
  • Review how genes, birth defects, and medical conditions can run in families, and how they might affect your family’s health, including future pregnancies
  • Discuss various causes of male and/or female infertility
  • Provide support and information

How to prepare

It is important for you and your partner/family to come to your appointment with any specific questions or concerns that you have so that the genetic counselor can be sure to address those during your visit. 

A Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation also includes a detailed medical and family history, so it may be helpful to talk with relatives (as well as your partner’s relatives) ahead of the visit to gather information about their health history. Some things to ask about can include: 

  • any significant health or medical concerns 
  • any diagnosis of a genetic condition 
  • any babies who have had to have surgery 
  • any babies who have died shortly after birth 
  • anyone in the family with any delays (not walking or talking on schedule, needing help in school, autism spectrum disorder, etc) 
  • any women who have had three or more miscarriages, and 
  • any women who have gone through menopause before the age of 40.

It is common for their to be limitations to gathering family health history, including a loss of contact, family members not wanting to share their health history, or someone being adopted. It is helpful to gather as much information that is comfortable to ask for.

How much does a Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation cost?

The cost for genetic counseling is $250, which can be paid securely online by credit card or arrangements can be made to pay by check. It is both the philosophy and practice at GSF that genetic services, including genetic counseling, should be available to those in need, regardless of ability to pay. For this reason, we have financial aid available for those who qualify.

Do you accept insurance? Do you have a financial assistance program?

Visit our ‘Telehealth FAQs‘ page to learn more about billing and our patient assistance program.

Common reasons for Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation

GSF genetic counselors see individuals for a wide spectrum of questions or concerns related to pregnancy. Some of the more common reasons someone may seek a Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation include:

Many patients and families can also benefit from genetic counseling with no specific indication.

Scheduling your Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation

We provide our Preconception Genetic Counseling Consultation most commonly via a secure video conferencing service to provide telehealth directly to your home. If you are interested in meeting with a genetic counselor, schedule an appointment with one of the genetic counselors at GSF.