Supporting Those in Need of Genetic Services

As a non-profit organization, Genetic Support Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by providing up-to-date, objective genetic information to patients, providers, and healthcare organizations, supporting those in need of genetic services, and facilitating the adoption of best genetic practices.

Our goal is to become more inclusive of those who may have a more difficult time accessing services–including when due to financial reasons. Our Charity Care program helps ensure that genetic counseling services are available to all. 

Eligibility for financial assistance shall be based on financial need at the time of the application, and is granted on a sliding scale based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For 2021:

Size of Household100% of Poverty Level (100% of visit covered)200% of Poverty Level (75% of visit covered)300% of Poverty Level (50% of visit covered)400% of Poverty Level (25% of visit covered)

Please review the following information regarding policy and qualifications for financial assistance. Upon completion of the financial assistance application, the applicant will be notified of a decision in writing within 10 business days. Click here for a copy of the financial assistance application.

Supporting income documentation is required with this application to be eligible for this program. Supporting documentation must be in the form of an IRS Form 1040. If an IRS Form 1040 is not available, submit a brief letter explaining your income source and why an IRS Form 1040 is not available. Additional documentation such as W-2 statements, copies of recent paychecks, and/or bank statements showing activity may be included as well.