Clinical Services

We will work with your organization to expand the services available in your community by providing access to our team of genetic counselors. Telehealth using secure video conferencing allows for the expansion of access to genetic counseling services to underserved areas. Currently we provide services for the following indications:

  • Concerns related to hereditary cancer (risk assessment and recommendations for genetic testing, when appropriate)
  • Preconception genetic counseling for patients/couples who are concerned about their chance to have a baby with a genetic condition or birth defect
  • Prenatal genetic counseling for patients who are considering genetic screening or testing during pregnancy, as well as follow-up to discuss test results and next steps.
  • Pediatric genetic counseling for patients and families that have questions about genetic test results or could use support while awaiting evaluation by medical genetics.

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Collaborative Stewardship

GSF can work with your organization to uphold genetic best practices to ensure testing ordered for patients is both appropriate and efficacious. We can provide case reviews for genetic testing requests to ensure that the right test is done for the right patient at the right time. We can analyze data regarding genetic testing, then providing reports on the appropriateness and effectiveness of current test utilization. We can also conduct health technology assessments and develop evidenced-based policy to support best practices. This will allow you to provide advanced genetic services more accurately, economically, and appropriately.
Please contact us for more information on our collaborative stewardship program.


GSF provides a consulting service for healthcare providers and organizations who seek to improve the delivery of genetic services in their practice. We can help you improve the quality of care you deliver to patients with comprehensive, evidenced-based, and efficient solutions.
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Patient Library

Understanding the intricacies of the latest medical science in genetics is complicated and can be overwhelming at times. GSF has a patient library with resources that break down the complex field of genetics into more easily understandable categories based on a patient’s particular area of interest.
Click here for our patient library to learn more about topics such as prenatal testing, cancer genetics, and personalized medicine.