The ever changing pace of healthcare genetics is staggering. New tests are being rapidly introduced and adopted into clinical practice and are changing how medicine is practiced. This influx of availability of a wider array of genetic tests has been accompanied by a more widespread marketing campaign from testing labs. Like never before, patients and healthcare providers are being bombarded with aggressive promotion, pressuring them to adopt new technologies before there are practice guidelines to provide guidance or evidence to support their use. Genetic Support Foundation (GSF) strives to be a resource about genetics and health that you can trust for up-to-date, evidenced-based information without industry bias.

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"This is such an exciting time in "personalized medicine" - there is a vast amount of genetic information potentially available to each of us. You want objective experts to partner with throughout the process. Genetic Support Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization, is a trusted leader in the field offering objective and up-to-date genetic services."

-- Cobie S. Whitten, PhD., Olympia, Washington