Donors who support Genetic Support Foundation know they are making a
difference. Their philanthropic support means individuals, clinics,
doctors, oncology practitioners, and families are all able to better
understand and implement best practices in genetic healthcare.

“DNA testing has become so cheap and easy to do, yet people don’t realize
how complicated and confusing the results can be to interpret. Thank you
for the service and expertise you provide to help people make sense of
their data.”
– Scott and Donna Fishman, Friends of GSF

We at GSF would like to thank all of our donors! Each gift contributes to
our mission of providing objective and up-to-date genetic counseling
services for all who need it. As the only nonprofit dedicated to genetic
counseling, as well as the only organization with no financial ties to
commercial testing laboratories, it is with our deepest gratitude that we
thank you in supporting our mission. Thank you!

Friends of GSF

Gail Allen
Roger C. Cram
Donald and Heidi Becker
Melinda Monroe
Scott and Donna Fishman
Stern/McLean Family Fund
Ralph and Erica Kauten Family Fund
Connie and Wayne Grogan
Rich and Cobie Whitten
Carolyn Raden
Christopher Day
Ronald Goering
Nancy and Matt Reeves
Rozema Family Fund – via InFaith Community Foundation (DAF)
David Lewis