Telehealth Genetic Counseling

Why should I choose Genetic Support Foundation?

The genetic counselors at Genetic Support Foundation (GSF) are experienced and certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.  We focus on a collaborative approach to give our patients thorough and thoughtful care. Our genetic counselors meet with you via telehealth, meaning that your appointment will conveniently take place via a video conference on a computer or smartphone.

How do telehealth appointments work?

Telehealth appointments can be done from a doctor’s office, your home, or anywhere else with a good internet connection. We recommend that you plan the meeting from a quiet and private location, as we often discuss personal medical and family history information.

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive a welcome email with more information and some paperwork to fill out. At the time of your appointment, you and the genetic counselor will connect via a secure video conference site which will allow you to see and hear them. After your appointment, a summary letter will be provided to you along with our recommendations.

Can anyone get telehealth genetic counseling with GSF?

Because licensing laws vary, there are certain states in which GSF currently cannot see patients; please contact us for more information.

Will my insurance cover telehealth genetic counseling?

It really depends on your insurance plan. Some insurance does not cover telehealth visits at all, while some only cover telehealth visits if the patient is physically in a doctor’s office while they are receiving the telehealth services. Still other plans will cover telehealth if the patient is at home, but currently this is rare.

GSF is not billing insurance for telehealth visits at this time. We encourage you to check with your insurance to see the limitations of your specific plan. If your plan will cover telehealth genetic counseling, you may submit your billing statement from GSF to your insurance for reimbursement.

Do you do genetic testing? How does that work?

Depending on what we are seeing you for, genetic testing may be ordered or recommended. Certain types of genetic tests are done by analyzing a saliva sample, in which case we could have a test kit shipped directly to your home. Many genetic tests, however, require a blood draw.

In these instances, GSF would make a detailed recommendation for the appropriate test and provide that either to you or to your doctor, who would then be able to order the testing. We can work with you and your doctor to determine the best way to follow-up with test results.

Have more questions, or would like to schedule an appointment?

Please contact us at:

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