Quality Care Through Informed Patients and Efficient Practices


Providing quality care to patients in an efficient and affordable manner is the cornerstone of any successful healthcare organization.  As you well know, it’s not just about the money.  Ensuring that patients who need genetic testing get the right test at the right time empowers them to move forward with important health decisions and realize testing benefits.  However, unnecessary procedures and tests can cause patient harm.  Tests without adequate counseling and support can result in confusion or no meaningful benefit and wasted healthcare resources.

Understanding the intricacies of the latest medical science is critical to providing such quality care.  This is more true in the field of medical genetics and genomics than it ever has been before.  For this reason the Genetic Support Foundation is here to assist.  Our staff have proven experience analyzing the effectiveness of genetic testing, as well as in advising and creating policies, procedures, and educational programs to effectively manage genetic testing for your organization. We can show you that better patient care in the provision of genetic services is possible, while at the same time improving efficiency in resource utilization.


The Genetic Support Foundation provides the following services:

Clinical Services

    • We will work with your organization to provide independent genetic counseling services in your community
    • Telehealth allows us to expand access to genetic counseling services to underserved areas

Development of educational content and applications

    • To inform your providers and patients regarding effective use of genetic testing in accordance with best practices.

Utilization Management

    • Case review for genetic testing requests to ensure that the right test is done for the right patient at the right time
    • Analysis of data regarding genetic testing, then providing reports on the appropriateness and effectiveness of current test utilization.
    • Health technology assessment and evidenced-based policy development to support best practices.  


Please contact us to discuss how we may assist you and your organization in this regard.