These days, you really can’t get through a pregnancy without hearing something about genetics. There are a growing number of genetic tests available to woman that can give some information about the likelihood of a genetic condition in a pregnancy. It is important to know that these tests are optional and that you make an informed choice that is right for you.

No matter what brought you here, we are glad you are here. Some people want to know more information than others; we understand that. Read up on what you are ready for at this time. The topics covered in during pregnancy can be emotionally challenging, and we hope that this site will offer you the information and resources you need during this time.

The list of topics on the right will walk you through some of the common genetic-related topics that are discussed during or prior to pregnancy and give you the low-down on what testing options are available and what their results can and cannot tell you. We will provide you with the resources to empower you to decide what prenatal test(s), if any, are right for you based on your own personality, beliefs, needs and values.

In order to fully understand all of the genetic-related information discussed during a pregnancy, it helps to make sure you know some basic genetic concepts. Depending on your educational background, you may want to check out Prenatal Genetics 101 to get you started.

There are several common questions that may have led you to this site. Questions such as:

“How much does my age matter?”
“What’s up with 35?”
“These prenatal screening tests are usually wrong, right?”

Maybe you are curious about some of the newer prenatal testing options that are out there and wondering:

“Is that new blood test for Down syndrome (cell-free DNA screening) able to give me yes or no answers?”

“If I decide to get a CVS or an amniocentesis, what is the difference between chromosomal microarray and the more traditional chromosome analysis?”

Others may be struggling with the greater issue of whether to walk down that path:

“Should I have prenatal testing?”