Why you should support GSF

As the end of the year draws near, I have been thinking a lot about what GSF means to me, and why I think you should consider making a gift to GSF this year.

It has been an amazing opportunity to work with GSF as a genetic counselor.  To be able to walk with people during incredibly important and often very difficult times in life.  To try to help people make meaning of the uncertain or unimaginable when it comes to their health or that of a loved one.  To offer support and understanding and hope.   Whether it is through our work in supporting an expectant couple through the grief of the diagnosis of a life limiting condition in their unborn baby; or helping a cancer patient and their adult child recognize the tremendous power of genetic information for prevention of future cancers in a family with a strong inherited susceptibility.  This work is profoundly important and I believe it is critical that our profession keep focus on our patients first, and not be compromised  by commercial interests.

Posted in News on Nov 29th, 2016